Helblaster Volley Gun
TypeSupport, Empire (Order)
Edition Warpstone Chronicles (# 86)
Cost1 +
TraitsAttachment, Weapon
RulesAttach to a Target Unit in your Battlefield. Attached Unit deals +X damage in combat, where X is the number of developments in your Battlefield.
Users having Helblaster Volley Gun
Found 46 users
# Name Location
3 Germany - Herne
3 Italy - Milano
2 Italy - Monza
3 Poland - Poznan
3 Germany - Bochum
Latest decks using Helblaster Volley Gun
Name User Races
Karol sawar
Copy of [D] Music With Rocks In James
Copy of Verena I love you James
Copy of Copy of Enanos - máquinas de guerra charrington
Copy of Empire Assualt charrington

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