Hellcannon Reserves
TypeSupport, Chaos (Destruction)
Edition The Deathmaster's Dance (# 74)
Cost4 +
RulesKingdom. Whenever a tactic you play deals damage to one or more targets, deal an additional damage to each target.
Users having Hellcannon Reserves
Found 15 users
# Name Location
1 Portugal - Maia
1 Poland - Wroclaw
1 Poland - Kielce
1 Poland - Poznan
1 Poland - Rzeszow
Latest decks using Hellcannon Reserves
Name User Races
Chaos FIRE!!! James
Copy of Caos - Tzeentch 50 ziem
Caos - Tzeentch 50 ziem
Caos corrupcion - control ziem
Nurgle herzogar

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