Hydra Blade
TypeSupport, Dark Elf (Destruction)
Edition Warpstone Chronicles (# 97)
Cost2 +
TraitsAttachment, Relic
RulesAttach to a Target Dark Elf Unit. Corrupt that Unit. Attached Unit gains 2 Power. If attached Unit would be destroyed, you may pay 2 Resources to (instead of destroying it) leave it in play and remove all damage from it.
Users having Hydra Blade
Found 1035 users
# Name Location
2 United States - Columbus
3 Germany - Osnabruck
1 Poland - Wroclaw
2 Unknown location
1 Unknown location
Latest decks using Hydra Blade
Name User Races
Mroczne Elfy kapturek
Copy of Moj Jazdy Jazdy
Vlad 2.0 4 Silent_Storm
Copy of Copy of Dark Elf Ursus
3. Egathrond's allies terrakhan

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