TypeUnit, High Elf (Order)
Edition Assault on Ulthuan (# 8)
Cost4 +
TraitsHero, Warrior
RulesLimit 1 Hero per zone. Battlefield. Action: At the beginning of your turn, return one target unit to its owner's hand unless its owner pays you two resources.
Users having Illyriel
Found 11 users
# Name Location
1 Brazil - Florianópolis
1 Serbia - Serbia
1 Poland - Bialystok
1 Germany - Bamberg
1 United States - Houston
Latest decks using Illyriel
Name User Races
Elf/Lizardmen Sheldon
Empire & Elf - Mages UrbanoCaboto
Sophisticated Savages James
Indirect Damage James
Copy of Eltharion 2 - Wysokie Elfy kapturek

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