Morathi's Pegasus
TypeUnit, Dark Elf (Destruction)
Edition The Skavenblight Threat (# 13)
Cost3 +
RulesToughness 3 Action: Spend 3 resources to have this unit lose all Toughness until the end of turn. Only an opponent may trigger this ability.
Users having Morathi's Pegasus
Found 54 users
# Name Location
3 France - Nanterre
3 Italy - Udine
6 France - Limoges
3 Germany - Herne
3 Portugal - Maia
Latest decks using Morathi's Pegasus
Name User Races
Total Bloodbath Yipe
Dark Elf - Malekith Murder UrbanoCaboto
Hateful Hooves James
Copy of Cavalry uqblf
Copy of Cavalry oLiv

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