Morglor the Mangler
TypeSupport, Orc (Destruction)
Edition Vessel of the Winds (# 67)
Cost1 +
TraitsWeapon, Attachment
RulesAttach to a target [Orc] unit or legend. Attached unit or legend deals +2 damage in combat. Attached legend deals an additional +4 damage in combat while opposed.
Users having Morglor the Mangler
Found 3 users
# Name Location
3 Poland - Warsaw
3 Spain - Leon
3 Unknown location
Latest decks using Morglor the Mangler
Name User Races
wurrzag sawar
Copy of Copy of 07 Orki Grimnir
Copy of 07 Orki Belial313
Copy of Odd Goblins oLiv
09 tadek_kam

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