Raiding Camps
TypeQuest, Chaos (Destruction)
Edition The Inevitable City (# 20)
Cost0 +
RulesQuest. Action: When this card enters play, draw a card. Quest. Action: When you play a Chaos non-Attachment support card from your hand, destroy target support card in a zone with no units if a unit is questing here.
Users having Raiding Camps
Found 6 users
# Name Location
3 China - Shanghai
2 France - Le Havre
3 Unknown location
3 Spain - Pozuelo de Alarcón
3 Poland - Krakow
Latest decks using Raiding Camps
Name User Races
Copy of 1st CFrance by Juzam kurnous
Diseased Dealings James
choroby sawar
Chaos kontrola sawar
Chaos - Flux (06.2020) Kubala

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