Rat Ogres
TypeUnit, Neutral (Neutral)
Edition Tooth and Claw (# 55)
RulesDestruction Only. Action: At the beginning of your turn, uncorrupt all Skaven units.
Users having Rat Ogres
Found 12 users
# Name Location
2 Portugal - Maia
1 Poland - Poznan
2 Poland - Mazowieckie
1 Poland - Rzeszow
2 Finland - Oulu
Latest decks using Rat Ogres
Name User Races
Copy of Copy of 9. Vermintide! donadam
Copy of Skaven [Balanced Legacy Lists] Grimnir
Copy of Skaven's pestilence Belial313
Copy of Skaven [Balanced Legacy Lists] lukciocz
Skaven's pestilence Zbigu

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