Sorceress Convent
TypeSupport, Dark Elf (Destruction)
Edition The Twin Tailed Comet (# 56)
Cost2 +
RulesAction: When an opponent discards one or more cards from his hand, deal 1 damage to that player’s capital (you choose which zone).
Users having Sorceress Convent
Found 11 users
# Name Location
1 Poland - Lodz
3 Poland - Lodzkie
3 Poland - Lodz
1 Poland - Lodz
3 Poland - Warsaw
Latest decks using Sorceress Convent
Name User Races
Dark Elf - Malekith Murder UrbanoCaboto
DE - struś 2021.01.17 WOJT
indirect win kurnous
Hateful Hooves James
Darki sawar

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