Swarm 'Em
TypeTactic, Orc (Destruction)
Edition The Deathmaster's Dance (# 72)
CostX +
RulesAction: Deal X damage to one target defending unit, where X is the number of units and developments in your battlefield.
Users having Swarm 'Em
Found 18 users
# Name Location
2 Poland - Rzeszow
1 Poland - Malopolskie
1 Chile - Providencia
1 Poland - Lodz
1 Poland - Lodzkie
Latest decks using Swarm 'Em
Name User Races
Gobbos & Squids & Beasties (Oh My!) BasilStagHare
Orks und Goblins Gitznitz
Copy of Ork - Core + 1 ciclo ravval
Orc mindunclouded
Orcs elenistar

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