The Glittering Tower
TypeSupport, High Elf (Order)
Edition Assault on Ulthuan (# 13)
Cost2 +
RulesKingdom. Action: Whenever you heal a unit, deal 1 damage to one target enemy unit or one target section of an opponent's capital.
Users having The Glittering Tower
Found 36 users
# Name Location
3 France - Nanterre
2 United States - New Jersey
1 Serbia - Serbia
2 Italy - Monza
1 United States - Bellevue
Latest decks using The Glittering Tower
Name User Races
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Lizardmen - Scales UrbanoCaboto
Copy of Spells and Scales uqblf
Copy of Mage Alliance uqblf
Copy of Spells and Scales oLiv

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