Van Klumpf's Buccaneers
TypeUnit, Empire (Order)
Edition The Inevitable City (# 3)
Cost1 +
RulesBattlefield only. When this unit attacks, it deals damage equal to its power to every capital section in a zone with no units.
Users having Van Klumpf's Buccaneers
Found 9 users
# Name Location
3 Poland - Czestochowa
3 Poland - Gdansk
3 Poland - Kujawsko-Pomorskie
3 Poland - Warsaw
3 Poland - Opolskie
Latest decks using Van Klumpf's Buccaneers
Name User Races
Ultra Szybcy Piraci Kubala
New Empire Epic Rush Lilian
EMP K Copy Kataklizm Juri
Empire/Lizardmen 1st's Major_Rawne
Empire ziouo89

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