Volkmar the Grim
TypeLegend, Empire (Order)
Edition Legends (# 16)
Cost5 +
RulesIf a unit would enter its owner’s discard pile or return to its owner’s hand from play, you may instead put it on the bottom of its owner’s deck.
Users having Volkmar the Grim
Found 11 users
# Name Location
3 Poland - Malopolskie
3 Poland - Gdansk
3 Poland - Krakow
3 Poland - Krakow
3 Poland - Opolskie
Latest decks using Volkmar the Grim
Name User Races
Copy of Mage Alliance uqblf
Copy of Mage Alliance oLiv
Copy of Volkmar oLiv
Meddling Wizards tadek_kam
Volkmar tadek_kam

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