Amani Mask of Death
Type lineArmor - Plate
TagsPlate, Head
RulesAt the end of each turn, destroy all abilities, allies, and equipment with the same name as another card in play.
Cost / Att / H2 / - / -
Edition Drums of War (Rare)
Users having Amani Mask of Death
Found 3 users
# Name Location
1 Portugal - Porto
10 Unknown location
2 United States - Riverside
Latest decks using Amani Mask of Death
Name User Class / Hero
Boarguts -Horde War Equip arrasis     Boarguts the Impaler
2010 DMF Antwerp - Top 8 MadMonk     Bloody Mary
A Holy Shock 2 Programmer     Sarina the Immaculate
Dalton Bloody Mary Michael Allen     Bloody Mary
Deathwish Zackery     Bloody Mary

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