Anathel the Eagle-Eye
Type lineAlly - Night Elf Hunter
TagsNight Elf, Hunter, Hunter

When an ally with cost 4 or more enters play under your control, this ally deals 4 ranged damage to target hero

Cost / Att / H2 / 2 / 2
Edition Crown of the Heavens (Rare)
Users having Anathel the Eagle-Eye
Found 22 users
# Name Location
2 Ukraine - Kiev
4 South Africa - Bellville
2 Australia - Brisbane
2 Romania - Iasi
2 United States - Blue Springs
Latest decks using Anathel the Eagle-Eye
Name User Class / Hero
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Champion Starter Deck Jaina Proudmoore Andrei Vasile     Jaina Proudmoore
Jaina Proudmoore Olegs Jasinovics     Jaina Proudmoore
Jaina Proudmoore Carla Plumb     Jaina Proudmoore
Jaina Proudmoore, Champion Starter Deck Sueann     Jaina Proudmoore

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