Arcane Barrage
Type lineAbility - Arcane
RulesArcane Talent (You can't put Fire Talents or Frost Talents in your deck.)

This ability can't be interrupted.

Your hero deals 4 arcane damage to target hero or ally.

You may play this ability from your graveyard. As you do, the next time it would enter a graveyard from anywhere, remove it from the game instead.

Cost / Att / H3 / - / -
Edition War of the Elements (Rare)
Users having Arcane Barrage
Found 9 users
# Name Location
1 Canada - Saint Jean sur Richelieu
1 Canada - Longueuil
1 United States - Palos Hills
1 Romania - Bucharest
1 United States - Illinois
Latest decks using Arcane Barrage
Name User Class / Hero
H Arcane Mage Vartu     Zumix of Kezan

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