Army of the Dead
Type lineAbility - Unholy
RulesDestroy all allies. For each ally destroyed this way, you put a 3 [Melee] / 3 [Health] Ghoul ally token into play.
Cost / Att / H6 / - / -
Edition Scourgewar (Rare)
Users having Army of the Dead
Found 3 users
# Name Location
3 Unknown location
1 United States - Tigard
1 Bulgaria - Sofiya-Grad
Latest decks using Army of the Dead
Name User Class / Hero
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Disease DK Theophan     Haedis
dk blood Edgar Sanchez     Ayaka Winterhoof
DRW Brandon Shores     Saeryn Dusksorrow
orc dk hysteria Edgar Sanchez     Krog the Deathfist

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