Beast Mastery
Type lineBasic Ability - Beast Mastery
RulesBeast Mastery Talent (You can't put Marksmanship Talents or Survival Talents in your deck.)

Choose one of the following:

Rotund Rhino: Put a 2 [Melee] / 5 [Health] Rhinoceros Beast Monster ally token into play with Protector, Spellshield, and Pet (1). Dire Devilsaur: Put a 5 [Melee] / 3 [Health] Devilsaur Beast Monster ally token into play with Smash, "When this ally deals damage to an opposing hero, that hero can't be healed for the rest of the game," and Pet (1). Cruel Chimaera: Put a 4 [Frost] / 2 [Health] Chimaera Beast Monster ally token into play with Elusive, "When this ally enters play, it deals 1 frost damage to each opposing hero and ally," and Pet (1).

Cost / Att / H3 / - / -
Edition War of the Ancients (Rare)
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1 South Africa - Bellville
2 United Kingdom - United Kingdom
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