Burom Bladeseer
Type lineAlly - Orc Shaman
TagsOrc, Shaman
Cost / Att / H2 / 3 / 2
Edition War of the Elements (Common)
Users having Burom Bladeseer
Found 1 users
# Name Location
1 United States - Los Angeles
Latest decks using Burom Bladeseer
Name User Class / Hero
SzamankaPro Kyubeyra     Earthseer Nakza
Szamanka Kyubeyra     Earthseer Nakza
Shaman class rush korpi     Ringleader Kuma
Blood Elf Paladin Anthony Larson     Naedia of Silvermoon City
Horde Priest (2011) duroyprofundo     Teretha of the Undercity

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