Call to Arms: Arathi Basin
Type lineQuest - Battleground
RulesPay (5) to complete this quest.
Reward: Reveal the top three cards of your deck. Put all revealed ability, ally, and equipment cards into hand and the rest on the bottom of your deck. You may add an honor counter to a Battleground card you control.
Cost / Att / H- / - / -
Edition Fields of Honor (Common)
Users having Call to Arms: Arathi Basin
Found 40 users
# Name Location
16 Unknown location
3 Canada - Calgary
2 United States - New Jersey
4 Unknown location
2 United States - Ohio
Latest decks using Call to Arms: Arathi Basin
Name User Class / Hero
Shaman class rush korpi     Ringleader Kuma
Urrth Uldor     Urrth
Copy of Holy shit Pavel Zet     Katianna the Shrouded
Saeryn Dusksorrow Dimitar Bonchev     Saeryn Dusksorrow
Poisoner tatik     Caleb Pavish

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