Confessor Mildred
Type lineAlly - Undead Priest
TagsUndead, Priest
Rules(2), Destroy Mildred
Destroy target ability.
Cost / Att / H2 / 2 / 2
Edition Heroes of Azeroth (Common)
Users having Confessor Mildred
Found 15 users
# Name Location
6 Canada - Calgary
1 Portugal - Porto
12 Unknown location
1 Argentina - Lomas De Zamora
1 Bulgaria - Plovdiv
Latest decks using Confessor Mildred
Name User Class / Hero
Shaman Erik Jordan     Grennan Stormspeaker
Warlock Trevor MacLeod     Forang Deathrattle
Zumix_Mage nazg     Zumix of Kezan
Urrth Uldor     Urrth

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