Contagious Poison
Type lineInstant Ability - Assassination Poison
TagsInstant, Poison
RulesAttach to target hero or ally that was dealt combat damage by your hero this turn.

Ongoing: At the start of your turn, you may reattach this ability to target hero or ally. Then, your hero deals 2 nature damage to attached character.

Cost / Att / H1 / - / -
Edition Worldbreaker (Rare)
Users having Contagious Poison
Found 3 users
# Name Location
2 United States - Maryland
1 Unknown location
1 United States - Vancouver
Latest decks using Contagious Poison
Name User Class / Hero
poison solo rogue korpi     Zimzi the Trickster
Poisoner tatik     Caleb Pavish
poisoner kreten     Caleb Pavish
Rougue Poison Paolo Asti     Vorix Zorbuzz
PVP Rogue Crimson     Vorix Zorbuzz

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