Corrupted Egg Shell
Type lineEquipment - Item
TagsEquipment, Trinket
RulesWhile you control an Egg ally token, your hero has Protector.

At the end of your turn, put a 0 [Shadow] / 1 [Health] Egg ally token into play.

At the start of your turn, you may destroy this item. If you do, all Egg ally tokens you control as you do become 8 [Shadow] / 8 [Health] Twilight Dragonkin.

Cost / Att / H4 / - / -
Edition Twilight of the Dragons (Rare)
Users having Corrupted Egg Shell
Found 4 users
# Name Location
1 United States - Los Angeles
1 Netherlands - Rotterdam
2 United States - Fairfax
4 Italy - Florence
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