Crimson Shocker
Type lineWeapon - Wand
TagsWand, Wand
RulesWhen Crimson Shocker enters play, your hero may deal 2 fire damage to target hero or ally.
Cost / Att / H3 / 1 / -
Strike cost1
Edition March of The Legion (Uncommon)
Users having Crimson Shocker
Found 7 users
# Name Location
4 Unknown location
1 Portugal - Oeiras
3 Unknown location
3 United States - Goldens Bridge
5 South Africa - Bellville
Latest decks using Crimson Shocker
Name User Class / Hero
Cata Collectors gakewing     Kirox Butcherblade
Gnome Warlock Anthony Larson     Gazriz of Gnomeregan
Copy of Alliance Warlock (2011) Bogdan Olaru     Gazriz of Gnomeregan
Horde Priest (2011) duroyprofundo     Teretha of the Undercity
Alliance Warlock (2011) duroyprofundo     Gazriz of Gnomeregan

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