Deathwing the Destroyer
Type lineMaster Hero - Black Dragonkin Aspect
TagsBlack, Dragonkin, Aspect
RulesAs an additional cost to play, destroy any number of cards you control. You pay (5) less to play Deathwing for each card destroyed this way.

Assault 5

At the start of your turn, target opponent destroys two cards he controls.

Cost / Att / H60 / 0 / 40
Edition Twilight of the Dragons (Epic)
Users having Deathwing the Destroyer
Found 2 users
# Name Location
1 Bulgaria - Sofiya-Grad
1 United States - Vancouver
Latest decks using Deathwing the Destroyer
Name User Class / Hero
Deathwing lanzajr26     Kalia of Silvermoon City
Assassination Luciano Rodrigues     Zazel the Greedy
red token druid Vasily Chernonozhkin     Sumi'jin, Guardian of Cenarius

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