Dulvar, Hand of the Light
Type lineAlly - Human Paladin
TagsHuman, Paladin
RulesPrevent all damage that attackers would deal to this ally.

When this ally deals damage to an oppsing hero, he heals that much damage from your hero.

Cost / Att / H5 / 5 / 6
Edition Throne of the Tides (Epic)
Users having Dulvar, Hand of the Light
Found 9 users
# Name Location
1 Canada - Saint Jean sur Richelieu
1 United States - Fort Atkinson
4 Russia - Saint Petersburg
1 Brazil - Recife
1 United States - Bakersfield
Latest decks using Dulvar, Hand of the Light
Name User Class / Hero
blue buff priest Vasily Chernonozhkin     Tilly Fiddlelight

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