Edgemaster's Handguards
Type lineArmor - Mail
TagsMail, Hands
RulesYou pay (1) less to strike with weapons.
Cost / Att / H3 / - / -
Edition Heroes of Azeroth (Uncommon)
Users having Edgemaster's Handguards
Found 7 users
# Name Location
5 Unknown location
1 United States - Pikeville
1 United States - Rochester
2 South Africa - Bellville
1 United States - Dublin
Latest decks using Edgemaster's Handguards
Name User Class / Hero
Hunter 1 Darth_Kaan     Master Sniper Simon McKey
Paladin Thaall     Zophos the Vengeful
Blood Elf Paladin Anthony Larson     Naedia of Silvermoon City
Alliance Paladin Starter 2011 Bill Sullivan     Saria of Stormwind

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