Explosive Shot
Type lineInstant Ability - Survival Talent
TagsInstant, Talent
RulesSurvival Hero Required

Destroy target opposing ally. If you do, your hero deals fire damage equal to that ally's cost to a second target hero or ally.

Cost / Att / H4 / - / -
Edition Wrathgate (Rare)
Users having Explosive Shot
Found 2 users
# Name Location
1 United States - Binghamton
1 United States - Maryland
Latest decks using Explosive Shot
Name User Class / Hero
Copy of Moral Worgen tds0301     Amaria Kelsur
Chaigon Steelsight erdbeerchen     Chaigon Steelsight
Hunter Mothra Santi Núñez     Shaii, Strategist Supreme
Chaigon HUNTER Darren Cruz     Chaigon Steelsight
Moral Worgen Brandon Shores     Amaria Kelsur

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