Fangs of the Father
Type lineTwo - Handed Weapon - Dagger
TagsTwo-Handed, Dagger, Melee
RulesWhen your hero deals combat damage with this weapon to an opposing hero, choose one: That hero's controller discards two random cards; or exhaust up to two target allies, and they can't ready next turn; or search your deck for up to two poisons, reveal them, and put them into your hand.
Cost / Att / H5 / 4 / -
Strike cost2
Edition Battle of the Aspects (Rare)
Users having Fangs of the Father
Found 7 users
# Name Location
2 Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
1 Belgium - Mons
1 United Kingdom - Wakefield
2 United Kingdom - United Kingdom
1 Ukraine - Kiev
Latest decks using Fangs of the Father
Name User Class / Hero
Rogue Darth_Kaan     Sana the Black Blade
A Rogue DPS Vartu     Bladesinger Alyssa
Assassination Luciano Rodrigues     Zazel the Greedy

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