Fel Iron Hatchet
Type lineWeapon - Axe
TagsAxe, Melee
Cost / Att / H4 / 2 / -
Strike cost0
Edition Through the Dark Portal (Uncommon)
Users having Fel Iron Hatchet
Found 83 users
# Name Location
4 Spain - Barcelona
1 Portugal - Porto
4 Unknown location
1 Canada - Calgary
1 Unknown location
Latest decks using Fel Iron Hatchet
Name User Class / Hero
Dwarf Warrior Jo Jo     Stromdak of Ironforge
Warrax the indomitable James Kelly     Warrax
Orc Warrior mpal     Gurzak of Orgrimmar
Thoros the Savior Uldor     Thoros the Savior
Sarina Uldor     Sarina the Immaculate

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