Flickers from the Past
Type lineAbility - Arcane
RulesPut any number of target ongoing ability cards from your graveyard into play if their combined cost is less than or equal to the number of resources you control.
Cost / Att / H7 / - / -
Edition Hunt for Illidan (Rare)
Users having Flickers from the Past
Found 2 users
# Name Location
9 Unknown location
1 Germany - Stuttgart
Latest decks using Flickers from the Past
Name User Class / Hero
Krasimir's varanis kreten     Varanis Bitterstar
2010 DMF Antwerp - Top 8 MadMonk     Nicholas Merrick
slow greenegeek     Nuvon Dawnfury
Mage Traitor Santi Núñez     Vor'na the Wretched
Core Mage Michael Payne     Phosphus the Everburning

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