Type lineAbility - Balance
RulesReveal the top card of your deck. You may place it into your resource row exhausted as an additional resource.

Stash (As this enters your resource row, you may have it enter face up. Immediately turn it face down.): Your hero heals 2 damage from itself.

Cost / Att / H3 / - / -
Edition Worldbreaker (Uncommon)
Users having Flourish
Found 1 users
# Name Location
1 Bulgaria - Plovdiv
Latest decks using Flourish
Name User Class / Hero
Jumo'zin -Horde Druid arrasis     Jumo'zin
DRUID Darren Cruz     Lanthus the Restorer
Druid Finisher Santi Núñez     Jumo'zin
Worgen Druid Jon     Arturius Hathrow

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