Gift of the Earthmother
Type lineInstant Ability - Restoration Talent
TagsInstant, Talent
RulesRestoration Hero Required

Attach to target ally.

Ongoing: Attached ally has +6 / +6.

When attached ally is destroyed, draw two cards.

Cost / Att / H4 / - / -
Edition Wrathgate (Rare)
Users having Gift of the Earthmother
Found 1 users
# Name Location
1 United States - Vancouver
Latest decks using Gift of the Earthmother
Name User Class / Hero
A Resto Druid Vartu     Arturius Hathrow
Night Elf Druid AilaFox     Leisha of Darnassus
red token druid Vasily Chernonozhkin     Sumi'jin, Guardian of Cenarius
DRUID Darren Cruz     Lanthus the Restorer
Druid Rush 1 Santi Núñez     Mythen of the Wild

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