Gladiator Zophos
Type lineArena Ally - Draenei Paladin
TagsArena, Draenei, Paladin
RulesWhen an Arena ally in your party is dealt damage, it deals 3 unpreventable holy damage to its source.
Cost / Att / H8 / 8 / 6
Edition Blood of Gladiators (Common)
Users having Gladiator Zophos
Found 6 users
# Name Location
3 Portugal - Porto
16 Unknown location
1 United States - Fairview
1 United States - Alturas
1 United States - Warrington
Latest decks using Gladiator Zophos
Name User Class / Hero
Anchorite Kalinna Uldor     Anchorite Kalinna
Boris Brightbeard Uldor     Boris Brightbeard

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