Type lineAlly - Succubus Demon
TagsPet, Succubus, Demon
RulesWhen Hesriana enters play, you may remove target opposing ally from the game, and Hesriana has that card's printed powers while it remains removed from the game.
Cost / Att / H3 / 2 / 3
Edition Fields of Honor (Rare)
Users having Hesriana
Found 2 users
# Name Location
5 Unknown location
1 Iceland - Reykjavík
Latest decks using Hesriana
Name User Class / Hero
Deathwing lanzajr26     Kalia of Silvermoon City
Warlock Mikael Sigmundsson     Harrigan Soulsunder
Copy of Warlock Scourge Mitch     Marlowe Christophers
VICTOR NACC Darren Cruz     Victor Baltus
Warlock Scourge Paolo Asti     Marlowe Christophers

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