Highlord Tirion Fordring
Type lineMaster Hero - Human Paladin
TagsHuman, Paladin
Rules[Druid], [Paladin], [Priest], or [Shaman] Hero Required

Argent Crusade Reputation

Unique allies you own everywhere can't be targeted by opponents.

On your turn:

Put target Unique ally from your graveyard into play.
Cost / Att / H10 / 2 / 37
Edition Wrathgate (Epic)
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Latest decks using Highlord Tirion Fordring
Name User Class / Hero
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2010 DMF Antwerp - Top 8 MadMonk     Zaritha
2010 DMF Antwerp - 1st Place MadMonk     Zaritha
Mythen-Accelerator tiborvadovan     Mythen of the Fang

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