Type lineAlly - Undead Horse
TagsMount, Undead, Horse
RulesWhen you place a resource face up into your resource row, target ally you control has Invincible this turn. (It can't leave play, be targeted, or be dealt damage.)

(Mounts can't attack or be attacked.)

Cost / Att / H2 / 0 / 3
Edition Assault on Icecrown Citadel (Uncommon)
Users having Invincible
Found 4 users
# Name Location
4 Bulgaria - Sofiya-Grad
4 Bulgaria - Sofiya-Grad
1 Iceland - Reykjavík
1 Ukraine - Lviv
Latest decks using Invincible
Name User Class / Hero
Ayaka Winterhoof lordofthefries     Ayaka Winterhoof

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