Type lineInstant Ability - Combat
RulesYour hero deals 2 melee damage to target hero or ally. If you targeted a hero, you may interrupt an ability card played by its controller.
Cost / Att / H3 / - / -
Edition Through the Dark Portal (Rare)
Found 7 users
# Name Location
1 Unknown location
7 United States - Binghamton
1 Germany - Stuttgart
1 Netherlands - Noord-Brabant
1 United States - Pikeville
Latest decks using Kick
Name User Class / Hero
poison solo rogue korpi     Zimzi the Trickster
Daspien Jason     Daspien Bladedancer
A Rogue DPS Vartu     Bladesinger Alyssa
rogue blue classic dieter00     Rordag the Sly

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