Nozdormu the Timeless
Type lineMaster Hero - Bronze Dragonkin Aspect
TagsBronze, Dragonkin, Aspect
RulesYou may pay up to (X) less to play Nozdormu, where X is the combined cost of cards you control.

When your hero becomes Nozdormu, if you control no ready resources, target player skips his next turn.

Cost / Att / H25 / 1 / 35
Edition War of the Elements (Epic)
Users having Nozdormu the Timeless
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1 Ukraine - Dnepropetrovsk
1 United States - Vancouver
1 United States - Bradenton
1 United States - Palos Hills
1 Romania - Bucharest
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Zumix_Mage nazg     Zumix of Kezan

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