Obsidian Colossus
Type lineMonster Ally - Colossus
TagsMonster, Colossus

If this ally would be destroyed, remove all damage from it, exhaust it, and add three stone counters to it instead.

At the start of your turn, remove a stone counter from this ally. If none remain, ready this ally.

While this ally has a stone counter on it, it can't ready and has Invincible. (It can't leave play, be targeted, or be dealt damage.)

Cost / Att / H6 / 7 / 4
Edition Tomb of the Forgotten (Rare)
Users having Obsidian Colossus
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# Name Location
1 South Africa - Bellville
Latest decks using Obsidian Colossus
Name User Class / Hero
Spirit of Redemption Classic Tournament Quality Boccia90     Katianna the Shrouded
Shammy Tauren Deck jemer99     Samaku, Hand of the Tempest

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