Orders from Lady Vashj
Type lineQuest
RulesPay (2) to complete this quest.
Reward: If you have no cards in hand, draw two cards.
Cost / Att / H- / - / -
Edition Servants of The Betrayer (Common)
Users having Orders from Lady Vashj
Found 6 users
# Name Location
12 Unknown location
1 Bulgaria - Plovdiv
1 United States - Saint George
1 Portugal - Oeiras
1 United States - Lady Lake
Latest decks using Orders from Lady Vashj
Name User Class / Hero
Daspien Bladedancer Youko Shiratori     Daspien Bladedancer
Shaman class rush korpi     Ringleader Kuma
horde warrior orc rush korpi     Gorebelly
Emmi Jason     Emmi Sprinklestrike
Daspien Jason     Daspien Bladedancer

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