Perdition's Blade
Type lineWeapon - Dagger
TagsDagger, Melee
RulesWhen Perdition's Blade enters play, your hero deals 1 fire damage to target hero or ally.
Cost / Att / H2 / 2 / -
Strike cost1
Edition Molten Core (Rare)
Users having Perdition's Blade
Found 3 users
# Name Location
4 Unknown location
1 United States - Binghamton
3 Unknown location
Latest decks using Perdition's Blade
Name User Class / Hero
Daspien Bladedancer Youko Shiratori     Daspien Bladedancer
Daspien Jason     Daspien Bladedancer
Copy of Copy of Goblin Rogue Aqualin     Frizlix of Kezan
Copy of Goblin Rogue Johnathan McCann     Frizlix of Kezan
Goblin Rogue mpal     Frizlix of Kezan

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