Runed Soulblade
Type lineTwo - Handed Weapon - Sword
TagsTwo-Handed, Sword, Melee
RulesWhen Runed Soulblade enters play, you may destroy an ally in your party. If you do, your hero deals shadow damage equal to that ally's ATK to target ally.
Cost / Att / H4 / 4 / -
Strike cost2
Edition Death Knight Starter (Uncommon)
Users having Runed Soulblade
Found 2 users
# Name Location
2 Bulgaria - Plovdiv
2 United States - Saint Paul
Latest decks using Runed Soulblade
Name User Class / Hero
Death Knight -horde Cristi     Saeryn Dusksorrow
Saeryn Dusksorrow Dimitar Bonchev     Saeryn Dusksorrow

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