Signet of Manifested Pain
Type lineItem
RulesAt the start of your turn, you may put 2 damage on your hero. If you do, put a 2 ATK/2 HEALTH ally token into play with the same class and race as your hero.
Cost / Att / H2 / - / -
Edition Naxxramas (Rare)
Users having Signet of Manifested Pain
Found 3 users
# Name Location
2 United States - Bastrop
1 Argentina - Lomas De Zamora
6 Netherlands - Noord-Brabant
Latest decks using Signet of Manifested Pain
Name User Class / Hero
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VICTOR NACC Darren Cruz     Victor Baltus
Victor Baltus moosegrinder     Victor Baltus
Shaman of nature Crimson     Malaxia Wizwhirl
Warlock Demon Santi Núñez     Grizlik Sparkhex

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