Squall Totem
Type lineInstant Ability - Elemental Air Totem
TagsAir Totem, Instant
RulesOngoing: When this ability enters play, exhaust all opposing heroes and allies. When an opposing hero or ally attacks or protects, you may exhaust a second target hero or ally.
Cost / Att / H1 / - / -
Edition Scourgewar (Rare)
Users having Squall Totem
Found 2 users
# Name Location
1 Argentina - Lomas De Zamora
1 Canada - Saskatchewan
Latest decks using Squall Totem
Name User Class / Hero
Tribal Shaman Dayne Darier     Samaku, Hand of the Tempest
Phadalus Stasis Totem Boccia90     Phadalus the Enlightened
shaman Zackery     Sepirion the Poised
Sepirion thestupidrobot     Sepirion the Poised
Copy of zagrum stash v.1.0 Edgar Sanchez     Zagrun Wolfeye

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