The Last Living Lorekeeper
Type lineQuest
RulesOn your turn: Pay (5) to complete this quest.

Reward: Your hero heals 3 damage from itself. Draw a card.

Cost / Att / H- / - / -
Edition Throne of the Tides (Common)
Users having The Last Living Lorekeeper
Found 53 users
# Name Location
2 United States - Colorado Springs
51 Poland - Malopolskie
11 Canada
Latest decks using The Last Living Lorekeeper
Name User Class / Hero
Mason Janvaru Sqruball     Janvaru the Thunderspeaker
Rookie Priest 1.2 Xavieru     Olivia Demascas
Rookie Priest 1.0 Xavieru     Olivia Demascas
SzamankaPro Kyubeyra     Earthseer Nakza
Szamanka Kyubeyra     Earthseer Nakza

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