The More, the Scarier
Type lineAbility - Fire
RulesYour hero deals X fire damage to each of X target allies.
Cost / Att / HX / - / -
Edition Hunt for Illidan (Rare)
Users having The More, the Scarier
Found 2 users
# Name Location
2 United States - Binghamton
1 United States - Manchester
Latest decks using The More, the Scarier
Name User Class / Hero
Kalecgos Solo Mage Boccia90     Obora the Wise
Imp Lord Pinprik Uldor    Imp Lord Pinprik
Skali Mage Darren Cruz     Nicholas Merrick
Krasimir's varanis kreten     Varanis Bitterstar
Mage Traitor Santi Núñez     Vor'na the Wretched

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