The Ring of Blood: Brokentoe
Type lineArena Quest
RulesAs a cost to place this quest face up, discard a card.
Pay (3) to complete this quest.
Reward: Draw two cards.
Cost / Att / H- / - / -
Edition Blood of Gladiators (Common)
Users having The Ring of Blood: Brokentoe
Found 5 users
# Name Location
1 Argentina - Lomas De Zamora
1 Bulgaria - Plovdiv
1 Bulgaria - Sofiya-Grad
1 Iceland - Reykjavík
3 Canada - Ottawa
Latest decks using The Ring of Blood: Brokentoe
Name User Class / Hero
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horde warrior orc rush korpi     Gorebelly
Warlock jassi007     Pagatha Soulbinder
Urrth Uldor     Urrth
New deck Zackery     Vorix Zorbuzz

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