Type lineLocation - City
RulesUndead Hero Required
You may remove target ally card in a graveyard from the game. If you do, an Undead in your party heals 2 damage from itself.
Cost / Att / H- / - / -
Edition Fields of Honor (Rare)
Users having Undercity
Found 18 users
# Name Location
4 United States - Bastrop
4 Unknown location
1 United States - New Jersey
4 Bulgaria - Sofia
4 Puerto Rico - Bayamon
Latest decks using Undercity
Name User Class / Hero
Emek Darren Cruz     Emek the Equalizer
warlock - red core dieter00     Jeremiah Karvok
Solo Mage Zackery     Velindra Sepulchre
dwrlk_ctrl kreten     Jeremiah Karvok
Undead Mage Control biohazard6513     Phosphus the Everburning

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