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Urn of Lost Memories
Type lineItem
RulesOn your turn:
-> Destroy an ability or equipment you control with cost X -> Put target ally with cost X or less from your graveyard into play.
Cost / Att / H2 / - / -
Edition Naxxramas (Rare)
Users having Urn of Lost Memories
Found 3 users
# Name Location
2 United States - Binghamton
1 Argentina - Lomas De Zamora
1 United States - Vancouver
Latest decks using Urn of Lost Memories
Name User Class / Hero
Copy of Holy shit Pavel Zet     Katianna the Shrouded
Blue Aggro - Holy Priest dyadyaBOB     Katianna the Shrouded
fun shaman greenegeek     Phadalus the Enlightened

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